Non-SwiftUI wishlist for WWDC 2020

Better localization, replacement for NSAttributedString, improved querying with Core Data and more.

Any improvements to localization tools

This feels like it won't happen ever but it would be nice if it did. At least some basic improvements for managing Localizable.strings files would be really welcome. For example if you have syntax error, Xcode could at least show the line that is causing problems and not just it cannot build the file. There is hidden Xcode command available in Terminal that will show you the offending line even.. It would also be nice if Xcode could somehow escape characters that are causing the localization files to be invalid. Like quotes. Also what about highlighting no longer used localization strings or showing which are missing for which languages.

Replacement for NSAttributedString

String formatting is clumsy and takes so much lines of code even for the basics. Ideally with the new APIs it would only take a line of code to make part of a string in bold (for example email address for additional emphasis). This would be similar to NSMutableAttributedString but much less verbose.

Core Data with better queries

Instead of creating NSPredicates and NSSortDescriptors it would be nice to have something like the ability to have a filter method with options to chain orderBy, select and other. Similar how LINQ in C# works.

Better or replaced Info.plist

I don't know about you but I find editing those a really frustrating experience. It would be nice to have either better editor or some other format. I know these can be edited as XML but then you don't have autocompletion for the usage strings.

Some sort of sandboxing for 3rd party libraries

I don't know how this would work but it would be great if gaining access to user's location did not automatically mean that all 3rd party code gets that as well.

Quick Actions in Control Center

It would be awesome if users could add app' Quick Action to Control Center. You could create new note in Bear from Control Center, or launch alternative camera app like Halide or something else.