How to transfer screenshots and videos from Nintendo Switch to iPhone

This is a short guide for using my SwitchBuddy app which makes the transfer much easier than the official method which uses local website.

A few reasons why SwitchBuddy is better:

  • Save all screenshots with one tap
  • Need to scan just single QR code
  • Option to download screenshots to iCloud Drive


Before you can launch SwitchBuddy. You need to open "Album" app on your Switch and then open any screenshot.

Here you can select "Posting and Editing" and next "Send to Smart Device".

In this step you can select the option which will allow you to transfer multiple screenshots.

After you finish this selection, your Switch will display page with QR code.


Scan the QR with SwitchBuddy app. You should see a prompt asking you to connect to Switch's WiFi network.

After confirming connection, wait a few seconds and then you should see the option to connect to your Nintendo Switch.

Tap to connect and done!

SwitchBuddy is available for free in the App Store.