I have a bunch of projects available on GitHub. You can find some below.


GitHub repository where I share app ideas that cross my mind. Some even have concept images attached.

Dynamic Type - Reference App

Simple app that lists all the Dynamic Type styles so you can preview how they look. This is especially effective in a simulator when used together with the Accessibility Inspector. It works well for less used styles where I don't intuitively remember how big they are.

EKEventKit Example

When I first encountered Event Kit framework I found out quite soon that there are not enough tutorials and resources available on-line. Especially for newer versions of iOS and Swift so I decided to start this example project to showcase some of what I learned.

Keyboard Preview

Small app that allows you to quickly preview all available iOS system keyboards along with available content types and return key. This is useful for cases where are you not sure what will the keyboard display and possibly how it looks in your language.

QLPreviewController Example

Another small example project. This one showcases the kind of overlooked QLPreviewController which is capable of displaying previews for more files than you'd think. Images, PDFs, Word, Pages, Keynote, USDZ for ARKit and much more.


Small learning API I built for beginners to practice networking including POST requests because most of the APIs traditionally used for learning are read-only. I tried to make it as friendly as possible and it also has configured CORS so it can be used with client-side JavasScript.