Backend for Swift developers workshop [info]

Custom backend for your apps is not exactly rocket science and can give you a big boost.

So this is very different article from what I normally post, but I am legitimately excited by what Carlton Gibson is planning for Swift developers.

The thing is called "Django for Swift developers" and it is an upcoming workshop. Django is a web framework written in Python that is pretty mature and takes the batteries included approach. It has robust ORM for working with databases, templating, ready-made admin interface and much more.

But I would argue that in this case, the "workshoper" is more important. Carlton is Django Fellow which means he is one of the core maintainers. Plus he used to work full-time as an iOS dev and currently works on a side-project that uses SwiftUI. You can read more about Carlton in the recent iOS Chat.

I don't think you could possibly find someone more suited for the Django for Swift workshop than Carlton.

Being mobile dev who can also roll out own backend is kind of a super-power. It unlocks totally different kind of apps you can build on your own or possibly as a part of a startup. Just recently I wrote about adding API to my iOS Feeds project in 10 minutes. Which is insane.

Sign up for the workshop here

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