Press Kit examples for inspiration

Here are a few examples of nicely done press kits that can also serve as a template.

Published: May 4, 2022
I want a Press Kit

Creating the first press kit mobile app isn’t straightforward. You need to come up with some basic description, image assets, and important links that the press might need (like the App Store page, landing page, and similar).

Since other developers already went through it, why not look for a bit of inspiration? Press Kits aren’t meant to be original and unique creations but practical “bundles” of all the information and assets that the journalist might need. With that being said, let’s look at a limited selection of press kits that are really well done.

It took some struggle to select just so few because I wanted to show way more…

Structured Press Kit

The text description is to the point. The idea of the first paragraph being “tl;dr” is cool since the journalist can read just a couple of sentences and get a feel for what the app offers.

The press kit has plenty of image assets tagged for better orientation. And I also like the videos.

Structured Press Kit example/template

Navi Press Kit

Another example that a press kit doesn’t have to be super complex. Navi’s description is succinct, and it is clear what it does in just a few moments of reading.

Included screenshots demonstrate various use cases and are also tagged with them, and then included explanation video is another excellent way to see what precisely Navi does.

Navi Press Kit example/template

Nihongo Press Kit

Nihongo is a comprehensive app for Japanese learners that Chris Vasselli has been developing since 2014. This translates into a longer description that emphasizes the individual features while also using bullet points to explain them further. This is a great approach for complex apps/features.

The image assets include plenty of screenshots, stylish lifestyle photos, and a couple of banners.

Nihongo Press Kit example/template

This press kit also showcases press releases.

Nihongo Press Release example

No Meat Today Press Kit

Another showcase or more detailed text description. It clearly explains the target audience, why they would need it, and also why even consider eating less meat. Also, the pricing is clearly explained, and there is also a bit about the developer.

Images are ordered first to show the essential parts of the app with screenshots, followed by banners and lifestyle photos.

No Meat Today Press Kit example/template

More examples/templates

Are you looking for even more examples/templates for your press kit? Check out all the featured press kits on ImpressKit.

Other options for press kit templates

While I don’t have a template per se, when you use ImpressKit to create a press kit for your app, it has clearly defined sections for types of content to make it consistent with other press kits.

Text overview template

Not sure how to start writing your app’s description for the press kit? Try this online tool, which will guide you with a few prompts.


I have also written several guides about preparing your press kits. Start with these:

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iOS blogger and developer with interest in Python/Django. Want to see most recent projects? 👀