iOS Feeds now with dedicated books section

Short info on new iOS Feeds expansion.

I have launched new part of my iOS Feeds projects and that is dedicated section to list books relevant to iOS developers. I want to make this the most comprehensive list, categorized by topics (like Swift Language, SwiftUI, Combine, Testing and more) to make it easy to discover new books.

iOS Feeds books section header

As of this writing, there are almost 50 books already. Mostly those from RayWenderlich, HackingWithSwift and But I am also trying to cover all the books I can by "independent" developers.

If there is a book missing, just let me know and I will be happy to include it. I am happy with the reception iOS Feeds got since it launched in January of 2021. It is great to see that it drive traffic to new blogs, allows people to keep up with the news and also helps to find content for various community newsletters.

My plans as of right now are to polish the site and make other content than articles more discoverable from the home page.

PS: As noted on iOS Feeds books section, some of the links are affiliate. This way you can support my work without any extra cost. However if you really want to send all the money to the books authors, you can either clear cookies or use different browser for purchase.

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