I am building "Indie App Store"

Some news what I am up to, how to follow and sneak peek.

In the past I had a few different ideas about creating some sort of "curated" "App Store" because discoverability in the real one isn't that great. Last week, I decided to share the idea on Twitter and since I got a lot of positive responses, I am now building this thing.

I am using hashtag IndieAppStore on Twitter to share progress and also the HEY World newsletter, which allows me to write posts that don't really fit on my blog. You can also subscribe and get progress updates via email.

So far I have shared one progress update. I think these are going to be on a weekly basis or less frequent.

Below is current state of the project with imported apps by people I interact on Twitter and also some found browsing Indie Dev Monday issues.

Indie Apps Catalog progress update

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