ImpressKit September update: First guides + small improvements

First guides are finally available + a bunch of other useful tweaks/improvements.

Published: Sept. 16, 2021
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Although ImpressKit is for a couple of months "feature complete", I am periodically releasing smaller updates to make it better.

Guides are available

The long awaited guides are rolling out now. I have published How to prepare text overview and Images to include in a press kit because I think these two are crucial. Guides are available from the management homepage that lists your press kits.

ImpressKit guides how to prepare overview and images to include in press kit

Other guides are in-progress and I hope to finish a couple more this September. Some of the upcoming topics are How to write a press release, How to pitch press and more.

Other updates

Better images filtering

Images in press kit can be tagged which then makes them filterable by these tags. Previously this was all handled server-side which wasn't ideal experience - particularly on mobile devices you could clearly see the page refresh in its entirety.

So I changed this to use JavaScript. This makes the filtering quicker without the annoying flickering when page would reload.

There is another tangible benefit and that is the browser history stack no longer gets "spammed" by URL that differ in only image tag query parameter. But parameters in URL are still present, so you can select particular tag and send this URL to someone and it will filter on load.

Jump to top button

This is small but quite nice when you have longer press kit and scroll all the way down. There is simple button with arrow that will smoothly take you to the top.

Reworked navigation in management

I got some feedback that in the press kit management it wasn't exactly clear how to edit particular press kit and how press releases fit into this. So I re-worked the navbar navigation to show current press kit, let you go back to the press kits list and integrated press releases - they were previously separate in the navigation flow.

ImpressKit - reworked navbar navigation

Social preview image for press kit

Another small change is that you can upload dedicated "social preview image" for your press kit and this will be used on Twitter for the rich preview. ImpressKit will use the icon, if this image is not available.

Next up is Stripe integration to enable subscriptions. This is the last missing piece. I plan to upgrade all trial users to at least 1 year free. And then offer trials for two months.

So there is probably still time to register => ImpressKit

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iOS blogger and developer with interest in Python/Django. Want to see most recent projects? 👀

iOS blogger and developer with interest in Python/Django. Want to see most recent projects? 👀