iOS Chat: Get to meet the wonderful iOS community

Meet the community via informal interviews.

So I have new project live. I don't precisely remember how I got the idea but I think around two weeks ago I thought it would be cool to informally chat with various folks from the community and share these "interviews". I asked a few people privately on Twitter and the positive response lead to actually working on it.

Since I am calling this "iOS Chat" I decided it would be cool to also present the interview in chat-like style which means bubbles. I think this is playful change compared to the usual bold/standard text approach.

Some of the questions I am asking are shared, while other are unique and react to the previous answers. I think this works better than having fixed set of questions that everyone answers.

One plan for the shared ones is to later "flip this" and let readers pick the question first and then see all the available answers. So if you are interested what is the single thing the community would change about iOS development, you can select this question and see all the answers.

I have to say after a few chats I am having tons of fun and I have already learned a ton of interesting, surprising or unexpected stuff. Chats have dedicated section on my site. Go check it out! Thanks.

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Filip Němeček @nemecek_f

iOS blogger and developer with interest in Python/Django. Telling other devs' stories with iOS Chat.