Series about stuff found in the EventKit and EventKitUI frameworks. These are useful for calendars and reminders.

How to monitor system calendar for changes with EventKit

If you are working with either calendar events or reminders via EventKit framework, you need keep the data up-to-date with the system calendar database.

Swift & iOS

How to create new calendar using EventKit in Swift

Apart from reminders and events, EventKit framework also gives you the power to create new calendars for users. Let's see how.

Swift & iOS

How to use EKEventEditViewController in SwiftUI

My finished solution to bridging this view controller for creating new events and editing existing ones to SwiftUI.

Swift & iOS

How to use EKCalendarChooser with SwiftUI

Short post showing how to bridge this controller with SwiftUI and get selected calendars.

Swift & iOS

How to create iOS reminders in code with alarms or recurrences

Create reminders in the Reminders app from Swift code with not that much code. Let's see how.

Swift & iOS

How to save event into user's calendar

In this post we will use the EventKit framework to save event into user's default calendar.

Swift & iOS

How to load events from user's calendar

In this post let's go over how to load events that user has in their system calendar.

Swift & iOS

How to use EKCalendarChooser in Swift to let user select calendar in iOS

Leverage EventKitUI to let user select from their calendars.

Swift & iOS

How to use EKEventEditViewController in Swift to let user save event to iOS calendar

Short example showcasing the usage of EKEventEditViewController to let user edit and add events to iOS calendar.

Swift & iOS


Posts about using WKWebView.

Using WKWebView in headless mode

This is another short post about using `WKWebView`. Yet another useful use case can be to run `WKWebView` in the background, meaning user does not see it on the screen.

Swift & iOS

How to open target="_blank" links in WKWebView in iOS

Short post explaining why by default _blank links don't do anything and how to fix it with example code.

Swift & iOS

Django Rest Framework

How to create/register user account with Django Rest Framework API

My solution for account registration with DRF.


Django Rest Framework: How to let user add only one ForeignKey object (for example review)

My solution I decided to write up to have reference in the future.


WWDC 2020

iOS 14: Quick dive into the new UIColorWell

This looks like an ideal solution if you want to let user pick multiple colors.

Swift & iOS

iOS 14: What is new for WKWebView

JavaScript sandboxing. Support for JS promises, find on page and more!

Swift & iOS

Checking out the new PHPickerViewController in iOS 14

Much better experience. No permissions required and multi-select!

Swift & iOS

First look at the new UIColorPickerViewController in iOS 14

Super easy to setup and work with but with limited customization options.

Swift & iOS

Non-SwiftUI wishlist for WWDC 2020

Better localization, replacement for NSAttributedString, improved querying with Core Data and more.

Swift & iOS


Posts about using the CloudKit framework or other parts of iCloud.

How to setup CloudKit subscription to get notified for changes

CloudKit subscription offer best way to keep data up-to-date for your user. I will show you the simplest setup to get started.

Swift & iOS

Saving files into user’s iCloud Drive using FileManager

For my app Scan it I needed a way to save files into iCloud Drive and decided to share what I learned.

Swift & iOS

Core Data

Articles about Core Data framework - the primary way how to persist large volume of data in iOS apps.

Demystifying Core Data: A guide for newcomers

This post is intended for newcomers to the development on Apple platforms. Since Core Data will undoubtedly feel daunting for a lot of new developers, I decided to try to explain it in simpler terms.

Swift & iOS

Minimal example of using Diffable Data Source with Core Data

The new Diffable Data Source is totally different way to setup Table Views and Collection Views. This example will get you started.

Swift & iOS

How to create Core Data database from multiple model files

This is useful if you want to split your app into modules but still keep and manage only single database inside the main target.

Swift & iOS

My approach to setting up Core Data stack

This post details how I set up Core Data in my projects and also explains what and why. It includes working with background context.

Swift & iOS

Useful tools

LumaFusion - Awesome video-editing app for iPad

I think I have a new favorite iOS app. Editing videos with LumaFusion is great experience.


Useful tools: Lexi

Lexi is great little helper for working with JSON. Especially if you are dealing with complex JSON that has a lot of nesting.


Compositional layout

Example project showing Compositional Layout and Diffable

Check out my GitHub project for hand-on examples showcasing how to build various layouts using modern APIs.

Swift & iOS

Building Instagram profile screen with Compositional Layout

Let's build the profile page with avatar, followers count, highlights and photos.

Swift & iOS

Using background decoration views with Compositional Layout

These can help you add a bit of visual flair or maybe imitate the inset table view style.

Swift & iOS

Supplementary views with Compositional Layout and Diffable Data Source

In this post we will see how to add badges to CollectionView cells with new APIs available since iOS 13.

Swift & iOS

Detailed look at the NSCollectionLayoutGroup

With the NSCollectionLayoutGroup definition we can create quite different layouts while keeping the rest of the code the same.

Swift & iOS

Basic anatomy of collection view compositional layout

Understanding the basic building blocks of the great compositional layout for collection views.

Swift & iOS

Django Gems

Cool and lesser known parts of the Django framework

Hidden gems of Django: Truncator

Turns out Django offers great way to truncate text. Lets see how to use the built-in util Truncator.



Posts about Diffable Data Sources

Tips and practices for setting up Diffable Data Sources

In this post I would like to show a few approaches that make working with Diffable cleaner and better.

Swift & iOS

How to refresh header / footer with Diffable Data Source

All that is needed is correctly configured section with associated value.

Swift & iOS

Implementing loading / shimmer with Diffable Data Source

Quick look on one way how to implement loading state for your collection view or table view when using diffable.

Swift & iOS


How to let user select contact from their contact list

A short look at the CNContactPickerViewController from the ContactsUI framework.

Swift & iOS

Smart Comic Reader iOS app